Master éxecutif  Industrial /Organizational Psychology (IOp) (Octobre 2023)

The Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences (UM6SS) launches, for the first time in Morocco, the International Master in Industrial / Organizational Psychology. This program will be animated by imminent national and international specialists.


The unstable global economy put multinational and local companies at real stake of fierce competition. Manpower management is one big issue. An efficient barometer diagnosing the good conditions of behavioral and technical health of human capital in companies becomes a must. This International Master in Industrial / Organizational Psychology (IIOP) being based on American and international expertise is timely and will address CEO and executives Human Resource issues. It deals with human capital concerns and is instrumental in helping businesses becoming more effective and profitable, as well as improving employees’ wellbeing and performance. It also ensures the stability of the enterprise personnel. It is a combination of courses combining the disciplines of psychology and organizations / industries in heath and other sectors. The training provides research-based learning that prepares learners (professionals & students) to invest and apply the principles of psychology to organizational and leadership challenges mainly by building communities through development of trust in a context of temporal, geographical and cultural complexity internationally interacting.

The duration of the training is subject to the completion of twenty modules taught during the weekends. The teaching is provided as seminars and practical lessons.

Supporting documents will be available for each training. The program is also intended to be taught online for long distance candidates

  • Use research and international measurement skills to solve practical problems in the workplace.
  • Learn how to run an assessment measure during job interviews and become a consultant
  • Learn how to apply the principles of psychology to the challenges of human resources and leadership
  • Tackling the complex issues raised by the current multi-generational workforce
  • Accompany leaders to design, implement and analyze the impact of decisions and programs on human resources in the workplace.
  • Help manage conflicts.
  • Lead investigations and research and improve the quality of work environments§  Incorporate legal and ethical considerations into workplace policy and practice 
  • A degree equivalent to BA or BS in Psychology, Economics, Business or other related fields.
  • Equivalent of TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT or perform a local assessment of language proficiency level in our American English Center where you will receive support of our language mentors to bring you to our proficiency standards in a friendly mode.

Human Resources in all sectors, Executives, managers, middle managers or supervisors of public, semi-public sectors or local units or multinationals, Consultants/Consulting cabinets/Firms, Trainers/Training Firms, Recruitment or Outplacement personnel/Firms, Recruitment Officer, Training Officer, Training Manager, Chargé de missions in Human Resources, Career Manager, Assistant to the Human Resources Director, Multimedia training designer in online and / or offline training consulting companies, Assistant advisor to CEO (measuring the impact of decisions on staff), digital marketing officers, social networks personnel and any one interested in bringing his behavioral sciences skills to international assessment standards.

  • B. Touri,  Ph.D, Fulbright University of Texas at Austin,
  • A. Maria B. Rexach, Psychologist, Walden University, USA

90 000 Dh



Introduction To Industrial/organizational Psychology


 Philosophy of work, Globalization, Competition & markets challenges


Human Performance, Assessment, And Feedback Executive Coaching


Work Motivation, Job Attitudes, Performance management


 Organizational Theory, Development and Change


Talent Management / Leadership / Consumer and Employee Attitudes 


Developmental Psychology


Communication Strategies, Systems, and Skills


Occupational stress and psychopathology


Positive & Cognitive Psychology


Talent Selection and Recruitment


Social Responsibility Action Plan 


 Personality theories / Personnel Psychology


Social Accompaniment, Special needs, Sickness and geriatrics in Organizations


 Ethics And Professional Issues


Group Dynamics Training: Theory, Design, and Evaluation


 Multicultural and Cross-Cultural Issues in I-O Psychology


Psychometrics / Profiling, Assessment measures and recruitment tests




Research Methods / Decisional Statistics/ Professional Project (Defense)



B. Touri                                                        

PhD in Psychology, Fubrighter/CARG Laboratory from University of Texas at Austin, Professor & Consultant

C. Carlson                                               

PhD in Psychology, University of Texas at Austin, APA, Professor, chair & Practitioner, USA

M. A. Swizzou

 PhD in Psychology from Harvard University, , Professor, USA

C. McCarthy                                        

PhD in Psychometrics, University of Texas at Austin, Professor


C. Boelen

Dr in Public Health, World leader in social responsibility, international consultant in health systems and personnel and former WHO coordinator

J. Barrier

Professor Emeretus, Internal Medicine Specialist, Senior State Responsibilities, WHO Consultant

F. Dehbi                                                               

Physician in Pediatrics, Expert in Health Promotion & gender empowerment, Dean of Faculty of Technology and Health Sciences, UM6SS



A.  Brighi             

 PhD in Education Psychology, University of Bolonia, Italy, Italy

H. Soubhi

 PhD, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, expert in Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Promotion, and Ecosystemic approaches to health care. Canada

M. SNAPP            

 PhD in Psychology, University of Texas at Austin, Practitioner, the National Registry of Certified Group Psychotherapists and American Psychological Association. USA 

B. L. Cody

PhD, Psychologist from University of Texas at Austin, USA

R. Benjelloun                                                  

Physician in psychiatrist, UM6SS

H. Dehbi                                                    

 Professional coach, Individual & group intelligence facilitator, Toulouse, France

M. Hmeid                            

Engineer Ponts et Chaussé, Director of a multinational, France

A. Oumazane

MBA, University of South Wales, England, GM of Business Development

A. Boukharouaa                                                          

MBA, MPM, Expertise & Consultancy , Pennsylvania, USA

O. Belakbil

Psychologist, from American School of Psychology at Argosy University, Washington, DC, practitioner



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